Boris Johnson has used his first major speech as Prime Minister to call for “cities, counties and towns to be more self-governing”. His speech, which will be seen as a boost to Windsor’s campaign for a town council, was intended to be a call for local people to be offered far more local democracy.

Mr Johnson said that the Brexit referendum was not just a vote against Brussels but also a vote against any decision-making body that is seen as remote by the people it seeks to represent. He also suggested that towns and cities with strong local representation are economically, socially and culturally better off. 

He said: “Taking back control doesn’t just apply to Westminster regaining sovereighty from the EU. It means our cities and counties and towns becoming more self governing. It means people taking more responsibilites for their own communities”. 

Andre Walker from the Windsor Town Council Committee welcomed Boris’ speech: “We have always known that Boris supports having more local democracy for town’s like Windsor but it was great to hear him pledge to make this a priority. He is right to say that towns with more democracy are stronger, and that is why Windsorians are so keen to see a new Town Council here.”

“I hope that local Conservatives will follow their party leader and join us in backing this idea.”

The new Prime Minister has long been seen as an advocate for local democracy, having served as Mayor of London for two terms from 2008 to 2016.