Former Councillor and West Windsor resident Ed Wilson has set up a petition to save Hemwood Dell.

Hemwood Dell is a beautiful woodland off Wolf Lane. It is also an ancient woodland that is home to a variety of wildlife including bats, deer, bees and insects. Many mature trees grow on the site. The residents have planted bluebells over several years.

The site was sold off in small plots. The auctioneer promoted the sale as a “development opportunity” even though it is “adopted” as public highway so building on it would be an encroachment of the road and a breach of the Highways Act.

The Dell is also subject to a woodland preservation order and is listed on the Woodland Trust’s website as an ancient remnant of Windsor forest and was designated a local wildlife site in 2000.

Resident and former councillor Ed Wilson has set up a petition recently help save the site from housing development. 

He says “you can never say never with these things. Developers will try ever angle to build on the Dell and residents need to ensure that the Royal Borough acts to save Hemwood Dell”.

Mr Wilson has also set up a website to provide information about Hemwood Dell ( You can read and sign his petition at