Almost 600 residents have signed a petition to seek a Town Council for Windsor.

Richard Endacott, the Chairman of the West Windsor Residents Association created the petition because he feels that the residents are under represented.

This has been as a result of the boundary changes at the local elections on 2nd May 2019 reducing 57councillors down to 41 leaving Windsor with only 8 whereas before there were 13 before.

He said: “This issue is exacerbated by one borough councillor per nearly 3,000 residents across the unparished area struggling to keep up on the workload due to the recent boundary review, and an ineffective town forum which meets too infrequently and has no constitutional powers.

Windsor is a beautiful town of international significance. Despite this, it has not had its own council since 1972, when it was merged with Maidenhead, a town it shares little in common with.

“The ward boundary changes at the last council elections in May 2019 have further reduced the representation of Windsor to just eight out of 41 borough councillors. Many of the new wards do not reflect the communities in Windsor and make many feel unrepresented.”

A committee has been setup to oversee the creation of the Town Council.

 The committee will meet regularly and be accountable to the town. 

Dee Quick, former Mayor of RBWM and cabinet member for over a decade will be the chair of the committee with Richard Endacott as Chief Executive and Andre Walker former RBWM political adviser will act as Deputy Chief Executive.
The committee will have representatives of all political parties and from all parts of the town.

Dee said “We are extremely excited about this as it is the first time Windsor has come together to build a Town Council proposal. Something that is overdue.”

We have support from the majority of members of every political party. So the creation of this committee is without question the biggest development in local government in decades. 

Resident who wish to know more should get in touch with Richard Endacott through the WWRA website at

The online petition can be found at