The Windsor & Eton Society’s next meeting is on Thursday 5th December 2019 at 3pm  at Gardeners’ Hall when David Jenkins will talk on “The history of the Order of St John, the Order in England and its connections with the Royal Family and members of the Order of the Garter”.

Most of us are familiar with the St John’s Ambulance men and women who provide first aid and assistance at many events but they are just one aspect of the Order of St John

The symbol of the Order, a white eight-pointed cross on a black background, is an international symbol of first aid. It is known as the logo of St John Ambulance, emblazoned on the sides of ambulances and on the uniforms of its highly trained volunteers. However, the eight-pointed cross was also worn on the robes of those first Brother Knights in the hospital in Jerusalem, and it has remained unaltered through the centuries, as an enduring emblem of humanitarian care, and of a charity that dates back almost 1000 years..

You can find out all about the Order at David’s talk which is part of the programme of The Windsor and Eton Society. Guests are welcome to meetings – there is no charge. Once you attend you might like to become a member. Full details are on the website –

Gardeners Hall, 213 St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, SL4 3DR