Police have been called to Windsor after a car was spray-painted with a logo linked to a film about a terror attack on the Houses of Parliament. The red ‘V for Vendetta’ sign was discovered by the owner of the black Mini at 3pm today, when he returned having parked it over night on Clewer Avenue. 


The car is believed to be owned by a resident called ‘Jack’, and the posts on social media were made by his mother, Heide Jackson. She also posted an image of a white Peugeot van that was vandalised earlier this year on the same street. 

In the cult classic 2005 film, a masked character known as ‘V’ used a tube train filled with explosives to destroy Parliament on Halloween. V was never identified because he wore a white Guy Fawkes mask that has now been adopted by the web terror organisation ‘Anonymous’. 

The motivation for the attack is not thought to be linked to anarchists terror groups and is instead rumoured to have resulted from a local parking dispute.

Do you know anything about this attack? If so contact WeAreWindsor on 0845 0468 0117.