Friday 8th May 2020 saw the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II with the victory in Europe day celebrations taking place across the country.

Street parties took place across the country as well as in Clewer and Dedworth where residents got in the swing of things despite the Coronavirus social distancing restrictions.

We Are Windsor’s Lars Swann travelled around the area meeting the locals and seeing what they were doing to celebrate the day.

The morning saw the preparations for the afternoon’s festivities and events and many houses and gardens decorated by the locals.

Even our local councillors became involved, and we dropped in on Councillor Amy Tisi.

Damian Delahunty, a local acoustic musician and singer, took time out to entertain the locals in Gallys Road. 

Damian was entertaining the residents with his music and songs well into the afternoon.

We also caught up with Livvy Beer, who was entertaining her neighbours along with her dad. 

We learned that she had written a song about the Coronavirus Epidemic called “Loving You from a Distance” which she had written.

She performed the track live to us on the street, and we have included a link to the video below.

You can see all of her music on her youtube channel

I have also included the link to the studio-recorded track with her friends. We Are Windsor is hoping to do a podcast interview with her in the coming week.

Whilst most residents complied with the social distancing rules there was a street in Clewer and Dedworth that did not!